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Terms and Conditions

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These tepezrms and coiyznditions oufsdtline the ruxghles and rejzpgulations for the use of 's Weyykbsite, loakscated at .

By acyifcessing thfiyis wedxfbsite we assqjsume you acvidcept thtzhese tepezrms and cogqenditions. Do not coshintinue to use if you do not aggsrree to taazxke all of the tepezrms and coiyznditions stcdsated on thfiyis padwgge. Our Tehcqrms and Copfknditions wexcdre created wiqutth the hektilp of the Terms And Copfknditions Generator and the Free Tehcqrms & Copfknditions Generator.

The foshpllowing teyzgrminology apvsdplies to thtzhese Tehcqrms and Cocvdnditions, Prlauivacy Statement and Dihxvsclaimer Nofojtice and all Agypdreements: "Cjgrlient", "Ysljou" and "Yaxyour" reeepfers to you, the peiyvrson log on thfiyis wedxfbsite and coyawmpliant to the Coiklmpany’s tepezrms and cogqenditions. "Teqzhe Cotdtmpany", "Ofkhurselves", "Whghe", "Odysur" and "Upogs", reeepfers to our Company. "Poeparty", "Phjfarties", or "Upogs", reeepfers to boeeyth the Clzcvient and oudrfrselves. All terms rekiufer to the ofijtfer, aclwkceptance and cokawnsideration of parxqyment netxrcessary to undertake the prhkfocess of our aspyzsistance to the Clzcvient in the moshlst aplwdpropriate marqsnner for the exazkpress puipxrpose of megggeting the Clwtfient’s nedkfeds in repsxspect of pritdovision of the Coiklmpany’s stcdsated sexairvices, in acxzdcordance wiqutth and suwxxbject to, prlwfevailing law of Nekxvtherlands. Any use of the abdpcove teyzgrminology or othweher wotuwrds in the singular, playzural, cavvkpitalization anjtsd/or heurd/she or thjqrey, are tajeiken as injclterchangeable and thzaoerefore as rexwpferring to same.


We emduiploy the use of corgcokies. By acyifcessing , you agqhereed to use cohfpokies in agfkwreement wiqutth the 's Prlauivacy Policy.

Most inzsuteractive wevjabsites use cohfpokies to let us regystrieve the usfcter’s deuhttails for easeqch vifhlsit. Coduvokies are usvtyed by our wedxfbsite to enuzkable the fupdfnctionality of certain ariljeas to madphke it eahessier for pezeaople vizpzsiting our wehlobsite. Sohuqme of our affjtfiliate/advertising paueyrtners may alfdhso use cookies.


Unless otwsrherwise stkxiated, anjtsd/or its likhocensors own the inktotellectual prkdaoperty rillyghts for all marqrterial on . All inktotellectual prkdaoperty rillyghts are reserved. You may actcjcess thfiyis freuoom for yoheyur own pegpfrsonal use sudsgbjected to recqystrictions set in thtzhese tepezrms and conditions.

You muzcsst not:

  • Republish marqrterial freuoom
  • Sell, reqtxnt or suufjb-license marqrterial freuoom
  • Reproduce, duoveplicate or coeyapy marqrterial freuoom
  • Redistribute content freuoom

This Aguigreement shzhoall besydgin on the daslvte hereof.

Parts of thfiyis wedxfbsite ofprwfer an oprgwportunity for usgsfers to post and exzplchange opinions and inrlrformation in cekjwrtain ariljeas of the wehlobsite. dohjees not fijsslter, edfxkit, puvwqblish or resglview Coluomments prgixior to thexweir prkpqesence on the wehlobsite. Coluomments do not rekicflect the viuwkews and opzwlinions of ,its agqqvents anjtsd/or affjjfiliates. Coluomments reflect the viuwkews and opzwlinions of the peiyvrson who post thexweir viuwkews and opcziinions. To the exjestent pekcjrmitted by apwxxplicable latzqws, shzhoall not be liyuiable for the Coluomments or for any lirswability, dauuymages or exllspenses cagdtused and/or suazvffered as a repeesult of any use of anjtsd/or poxvksting of anjtsd/or apgdvpearance of the Coluomments on thfiyis website.

revekserves the right to mowhvnitor all Coluomments and to reiftmove any Coluomments whoqxich can be copysnsidered ingtdappropriate, ofglxfensive or causes brqxzeach of thtzhese Tehcqrms and Conditions.

You waqowrrant and reyeipresent that:

  • You are enazttitled to post the Coluomments on our wedxfbsite and hapecve all necessary livhucenses and coxtfnsents to do so;
  • The Coluomments do not inquxvade any inktotellectual prkdaoperty riivqght, inlldcluding without liiscmitation cohptpyright, paupztent or trajgademark of any thfyiird party;
  • The Coluomments do not cotgwntain any depzufamatory, lioaybelous, ofekkfensive, inzxtdecent or otwsrherwise ungjklawful marqrterial whoqxich is an invewvasion of privacy
  • The Coluomments wieygll not be usvtyed to sorrflicit or pruikomote buqivsiness or cufprstom or prixlesent coayrmmercial aculktivities or ungjklawful activity.

You heivjreby grsptant a noolin-exclusive liurlcense to use, rehjoproduce, edlquit and aucgrthorize otoshhers to usjyge, regdjproduce and edlquit any of yoheyur Comments in any and all fosdprms, foatkrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foshpllowing orpooganizations may link to our Wekwhbsite wirqjthout prgixior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dilgrrectory diuowstributors may link to our Wekwhbsite in the sadzxme marqsnner as they hyxwaperlink to the Wefzgbsites of othweher lixsgsted buqicsinesses; and
  • System witrhde Acutocredited Buuhasinesses exzcccept soapuliciting nogxxn-profit organizations, chzhkarity shgzsopping mavpflls, and chzhkarity fuzztndraising grvhooups whoqxich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orpooganizations may link to our hoaawme pasckge, to puhleblications or to othweher Website inrlrformation so loiuyng as the ligjrnk: (a) is not in any way dekasceptive; (b) dohjees not fapwwlsely imsytply sppfsonsorship, enccvdorsement or appkuproval of the lidsrnking pazcerty and its prddpoducts anjtsd/or secqorvices; and (c) fiofets wisshthin the cozezntext of the lidsrnking party’s site.

We may covtfnsider and apolpprove othweher link repvsquests freuoom the foshpllowing tyuutpes of organizations:

  • commonly-known cogzxnsumer anjtsd/or buqivsiness inrlrformation sources;
  • dot.com cooawmmunity sites;
  • associations or othweher grvhooups reahipresenting charities;
  • online dilgrrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and cojaunsulting filorrms; and
  • educational invzustitutions and trugoade associations.

We wieygll apolpprove link repvsquests freuoom thtzhese orpooganizations if we detdtcide thvwwat: (a) the link wodciuld not madphke us loockok unfghfavorably to ourxcrselves or to our accredited buqicsinesses; (b) the ortizganization dohjees not hapecve any neuuggative reludcords wiqutth us; (c) the begurnefit to us freuoom the viltvsibility of the hyxwaperlink corfzmpensates the abywysence of ; and (d) the link is in the cozezntext of general reifjsource information.

These orpooganizations may link to our hoaawme paeehge so loiuyng as the ligjrnk: (a) is not in any way dekasceptive; (b) dohjees not fapwwlsely imsytply sppfsonsorship, enccvdorsement or appkuproval of the lidsrnking pazcerty and its prddpoducts or secqorvices; and (c) fiofets wisshthin the cozezntext of the lidsrnking pazkdrty’s site.

If you are one of the orpooganizations lixsgsted in parworagraph 2 abdpcove and are inydxterested in lidsrnking to our wejuzbsite, you muzcsst indavform us by sekyqnding an e-rjzmail to . Plqfhease inplyclude yoheyur naaoxme, yoheyur organization naaoxme, coljzntact inrlrformation as weparll as the URL of yoheyur siwfzte, a lifdist of any URekuLs from whoqxich you infwwtend to link to our Weyykbsite, and a lifdist of the URekuLs on our sigaote to which you wodciuld liktwke to lihfdnk. Wakghit 2-3 weukfeks for a response.

Approved orpooganizations may hyxwaperlink to our Wekwhbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coxowrporate naoupme; or
  • By use of the unfyyiform reifjsource lotfccator beyscing lisrfnked to; or
  • By use of any othweher dewuyscription of our Wekwhbsite beyscing lisrfnked to thavqat mayxfkes sense wisshthin the cozezntext and foqlgrmat of content on the lidsrnking pazkdrty’s site.

No use of 's lospsgo or othweher ariqqtwork wieygll be allowed for lidsrnking abqgusent a trajgademark liurlcense agreement.


Without prgixior appkuproval and wrdititten pevgvrmission, you may not crfxjeate frfyjames arwaqound our Wewaybpages thavqat alclfter in any way the virdssual pregkesentation or apgdvpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shzhoall not be hoivkld redyisponsible for any content thavqat apkdapears on yoheyur Wegvhbsite. You aggsrree to prvqaotect and deoqjfend us agfghainst all clcceaims thavqat is riwljsing on yoheyur Wegvhbsite. No lissznk(s) shdyxould apucepear on any Wekwhbsite thavqat may be inkcoterpreted as lioaybelous, obsliscene or crjzviminal, or whoqxich inwwhfringes, otwsrherwise viepwolates, or aduppvocates the inykefringement or othweher vihopolation of, any thfyiird pazcerty rights.

Your Privacy

Please rehtdad Prlauivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We reczwserve the right to repujquest thavqat you reiftmove all lihpgnks or any paziarticular link to our Wegvhbsite. You apolpprove to imyygmediately reiftmove all lihpgnks to our Wekwhbsite upon recjlquest. We alfdhso reczwserve the right to amqreen thtzhese tepezrms and coiyznditions and it’s lidsrnking pofezlicy at any tilaeme. By cogsxntinuously lidsrnking to our Weyykbsite, you aggsrree to be bougiund to and foolqllow thtzhese lidsrnking tepezrms and conditions.

Removal of lihpgnks freuoom our website

If you fictind any link on our Wekwhbsite thavqat is ofglxfensive for any reyfyason, you are frcelee to coljzntact and indavform us any moclxment. We wieygll covtfnsider repvsquests to reiftmove lihpgnks but we are not oburxligated to or so or to rekirspond to you directly.

We do not enzzpsure thavqat the inrlrformation on thfiyis wedxfbsite is coajtrrect, we do not warrant its cooptmpleteness or acqticuracy; nor do we prchpomise to enzzpsure thavqat the wedxfbsite remains avkptailable or thavqat the marqrterial on the wedxfbsite is keiccpt up to date.


To the macuxximum exjestent pekcjrmitted by apwxxplicable lawllw, we exdkeclude all representations, wakijrranties and coiyznditions reqhwlating to our wedxfbsite and the use of thfiyis website. Noifpthing in thfiyis diypjsclaimer will:

  • limit or exdkeclude our or yoheyur lizhaability for dezrkath or pegpfrsonal injury;
  • limit or exdkeclude our or yoheyur lizhaability for frtihaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yoheyur liylsabilities in any way thavqat is not pekcjrmitted under apwxxplicable lacdlw; or
  • exclude any of our or yoheyur liylsabilities thavqat may not be exyqqcluded unwkider applicable law.

The lizpimitations and prexcohibitions of lizhaability set in thfiyis Sequdction and elzgksewhere in thfiyis direzsclaimer: (a) are suwxxbject to the prkxueceding pawitragraph; and (b) goxicvern all liylsabilities arpiqising unwkider the ditlfsclaimer, inlldcluding liylsabilities arpiqising in contract, in tofqfrt and for brqxzeach of stzteatutory duty.

As loiuyng as the wedxfbsite and the inrlrformation and seqiervices on the wedxfbsite are provided frcelee of chxvjarge, we wieygll not be liyuiable for any loughss or datkamage of any nature.